The old gods flew across the skies on fantastic beasts.  For the Hindus each god had a vahana.  Lord Vishnu rode on the back of the eagle king Garuda.  Devi Lakshmi  often rode on great Ulooka, the owl.  Agni’s chariot was pulled by fiery horses.  Similarly the Greeks, who believed  Ares had horses that breathed fire while Apollo’s fiery chariot was the sun itself.  Whether they called them Phoenix, Anzu, Bennu, Simurgh,Seraphim, Suzaku,  Anka, or dragons, every culture in the world had stories of flaming creatures soaring through the heavens.  Only they weren’t stories.  These were the ships of the old gods.  These were the war machines of a advanced civilizations caught up in an endless war for galactic domination.  For thousands of years these cosmic lords have fought each other in the great abyss of space with their fire breathing leviathans.  And now again as in ages past their conflict spirals towards Earth.  But this time we will be ready.  No longer will man cower before ancient beings praying for mercy.  Never again will we be enslaved to the wills of false deities.  This time we will forge our own destinies and we will do it by using their own legacy against them.  We have found the lost vahana of legend.  We have studied their workings and through human ingenuity made them greater than they every were.  We will bring this war to the heavens.  Space itself will boil with the blood of Titans and Demons before we’re through.